Remittance information:

Deposit Payments
Please pay your deposit as soon as possible (direct Internet transfer is preferred or send a cheque with the other documents). Orders are only considered valid if all steps have been completed including the deposit being received.

Balance Payments
Please note we will not install your system unless it has been paid for in full with cleared funds at least 1 full week before your installation. Remember Local Power are paying the suppliers for the PV systems up to several weeks in advance of your installation, so any delays in payments involves higher interest costs for Local Power, so your prompt payments would be appreciated.

If you paid your deposit via internet transfer, please note that many online banking systems have daily transfer limits, and in many cases as the balance payment is larger than the deposit it may take many days of $1000 or $2000 payments to get all the required funds to be sent. Please allow adequate time for your last payment to arrive 1 week before your install. In some cases it may be simpler or more convenient to simply send us a bank cheque.

direct internet transfer details are:

BSB: 728-728 (our previous BSB has recently changed due to this)
Account Number: 1100239
Account Name: Community Initiatives Resource Association Inc.

Please put your surname followed by your first initial as the transfer description/reference for the "To account" so we can more easily attribute the payment to you.  e.g. Mary Jones would be "JonesM"   It would also help us if you email us your remittance receipt from your Internet transfer to info@localpower.net.au .  e.g.

Transfer money - receipt

The following transfer has been successfully processed.

2222 3333 4444 savings
  local power deposit
728-728  1100239 Community Initiatives
Resource Association Inc 


Postal details:

Please send your supporting documents (& cheque if not paying internet transfer) to

Local Power
c/- PO Box 3501
South Brisbane BC  Q. 4101


Cheque details:

Please make any cheques payable Community Initiatives Resource Association Inc.

Local Power is a program of Community Initiatives Resource Association Inc., a not for profit community organisation based in West End.  Community Initiatives Resource Association Inc. (ABN 42 241 513 917  IA 13489  incorporated in 1994) is the legal entity for Local Power, handling all Local Power finances. Local Power will be subject to a financial audit upon completion of the buying group.



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